Earning and learning.

Save the heifer

The test of a farm can be rewarding at the same time a loss.

Another one of those Challenging Days yesterday!

Ever have one of your heifers prolapse?

The worst challenge of your farm life is to lose a calf but then the cow prolapses and you search to make sure no bad tears or bleeding. A hemorrhage of one of the two horns of a cows reproductive system. Will she pull through? Imagine the slime and slippery mess of organs as you are trying to put them all back in place – properly I might add. While dealing with the cow feces getting all over the organs and having to wash them off making the process even more slippery. Then holding in the organs in place and sewing up the outer lips to keep the organs contained – all while the cows still is contracting and trying to push all your work back out!

All this – while fighting off other cows – lookie loos trying to make sure you are not hurting the cow. Fighting the extreme freezing temperatures and a wind that will not stop. Frozen fingers – if not frost bitten!

Now to the next task. While trying not to get launched or kicked in the head – grab the cows hooves and turn the cow over so she can get to her feet. This is the kind of stuff that makes you stronger. It takes all you got and then more. Again it makes you stronger. Period.

Now – slap the cow on the ass and get her walking. You earned your badge for good work. Now Back to work and Good job! All else pales in comparison.

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