Registered Herefords!

Registered Herefords

Welcome to the A FARM, LLC. Registered Polled Hereford Herd! The Hereford is a British breed of beef cattle that originated in the county of Herefordshire, in the West Midlands of England. The Hereford breed makes for efficient production, high yields, good maternal milk production, excellent meat quality, early maturity, high performance on forage based diets, adaptability – the Herefords thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions, excellent temperament, easy calving ability, good fertility with sound reproduction, and longevity which are of utmost importance. Check out and Join the American Hereford Association and see their Hereford History page. Our USA MADE All American Hereford Breed is hard to beat.

I can really tell the difference in the way Hereford beef tastes in comparison to Angus or Highland or Charolais beef. Hereford Beef is a more clean and a fine and milder flavor. Charolais has a nasty gamey taste. Kind of like the difference between crappie and other fish. Angus has a more bold – wild taste. Kind of like the difference between dark beer and light beer.

A few studies by some researchers tends to show that abundantly marbled steak from the following eight beef cattle breeds would rank for taste from best on top then down or in the following order:
• Brahman
• Gelbvieh
• Limousin
• Charolais
• Hereford
• Simmental
• Angus
• Red Angus

I kind of agree – Brahman is tasty – really good and the fact Hereford is ranked higher than Angus is a fact I agree on. But Charolais should be dead last. Yuck! And I really do not know how Gelbvieh or Limousin got on the list because the majority of producers do not raise enough to get recognized by the general population or even feed the general population. When was the last time a menu at a restaurant even claim to or announced that they are serving these breeds.? 🙂

Hereford Quality Beef – now that is “What’s for dinner!”

Okay, now that we have taste out of the way and I hope I did not lose any of you with my simple and personal opinion, so let’s get to talking about producing and selling Hereford cattle. Our Registered Hereford cattle our the easiest to handle. They are gentle, a great disposition and responsive to direction or herding. The Hereford Bulls at A Farm, LLC are very docile and produce perfect calving weights. I should know because I have been sold a few bulls that produced 120lb or heavier calves and those bulls have been sold a long time down the road.

Starting the A Farm way! We had traveled some distances and hand picked from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri our start up Registered Hereford herd in 2016. We have been refining-improving since to grow a quality small base herd of Registered Hereford cattle. At A Farm, LLC we continue to buy high end cattle, some what costly cattle, but with the different genetics we are searching and adding to our herd. This means you will be resourcing from a great genetic pool of Registered Herefords. No better way to start or improve your Hereford herd. To remain small we move cattle pretty quick, so be sure and keep an eye out for our A Farm Registered Hereford Sales on Facebook and this website. In search of Quality Beef? – Make it Hereford! Make it A Farm Registered Hereford!

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